Fundraising Ideas That Are Sure To Help You Raise Money

Different types of verified fundraising ideas are available for campaigners to attract resources for personal causes or non-profit organizations. To participate in an on-going event or successfully create a fresh activity, one requires to first enjoy the process to inspire external partnership. For instance, one may create a page on social media to depict their passion for charity-related activities. Overall, individuals may embrace techniques that inspire external partnerships from home, local community, workplace, or internationally.

Some of The Best Fundraising Ideas

One may assess the rationality of an idea by talking it through with friends and seeking more help in planning events. Early planning gives individuals ample time to choose the most reasonable money-seeking idea based on the targeted donors, the purpose of the event and the expected amount. To have a successful event one should set and communicate the event’s objective and integrate operations into the social media engines.

Fundraising Ideas You Can Do at School

Schools are a great place to raise money, as you can easily get a lot of people involved and there are so many choices, here a few of our best ideas that could get both kids and parents to help out.

Sell Baked Goods

Bake-sales for parents, teachers, school administration, and students are interesting school fundraising ideas. Volunteers and supporters may be invited to contribute baked products such as cookies, muffins, biscuits, cakes, and buns for a one-day sale. Subsequently, the baked items may be sold to parents and students to seek money. Bake sales are easy to understand and implement, they require low capital to start and run, and buyers get products for supporting the event. 

Start A Raffle

One may also sell raffle tickets for a chance to win a particular prize, which could range from a basket of goods, prizes donated by the school, to a 50/50 draw for cash. The amount of time and effort required to organize raffles is minimal and they help to raise lots of money for school-based projects. 

Organize An Arts and Crafts Day

Schools may organize a craft day in which students may be encouraged to do arts and crafts in groups or with their parents. The public would then be invited to purchase the items at an affordable price or even the school administration may contact local art supplies stores for more sales.

free or low budget fundraising ideas

Free or Low Budget Fundraising Ideas

Usually, to start a fundraiser of any kind you need a budget, to begin with, of course, there are always exceptions and these are some of the best fundraising ideas that could be started with little to no money.

Garage Sale

One may select a central location like a community center or school gymnasium for people to bring their recyclables such as books, furniture, clothes, and other household items. Volunteers may collect these items from people’s homesteads and sell them at a low price to raise funds. 

Car Washing

Charity car wash is a free and easy way to raise money. Volunteers may select a community place, in people’s driveways, parking lot, or employ a door to door option to offer car wash services at a reasonable price. The car wash services may be advertised through posters, local media, pre-selling vouchers, or word of mouth. 

Dog Walking and Petting Zoo’s

Organizing pet walks is a fun and cheap way of raising funds. Event organizers may partner with animal rescue organizations to incorporate an on-site adoption opportunity. The walks should involve different animals such as horses, turtles, and ferrets to increase the number of participants.

Unique & Creative Fundraising Ideas

Nowadays to get people interested in any kind of cause or event you need to be creative and pro-active. These are some fundraising ideas that are bound to gather a crowd.

Start An Envelop Event At Work

Envelop fundraising may be adopted in diverse forms of business structures. Individuals are required to purchase a certain number of envelopes, then post them on the bulletin board in a centralized location. Sponsors may choose the envelope that corresponds with the amount they desire to donate and place it inside the envelope. Once all the envelopes are filled the activity is considered complete. 

Trivia Night At A Local Bar

Trivia nights are a great source of entertainment, facilitate social interaction, and create an avenue to generate funds. Fundraisers may partner with restaurants, then invite friends, family, and community members to support the event. Adopting a design challenge into a money-seeking project will boost people’s interest in the campaign and donate more to purchase unique products. 

Create A Merchandise For Your Cause

A custom T-shirt service may be contacted to produce a large number of t-shirts of the winning design for sale. Online fundraisers should focus on campaigns that generate money and promote their good causes through selling merchandise and offering supporters memorable items for their donations.

fundraising ideas with social media

Fundraising Ideas To Raise Money Without Leaving Your Home

A factor that keeps getting more and more important is raising money without having to leave your home, or meeting people in person for that matter. Thankfully in today’s day and age, this is more than possible, here are a few excellent fundraising ideas to do just that.

Facebook & Other Social Media

Individuals may raise money through their Facebook accounts. Supporters may develop a dedicated page to raise funds from their peers on the social media platform. Facebook users may join the page to monitor the progress of a campaign and gets updates from the charity organizers. 

Turn Your Birthday Into A Charity

One may organize an online birthday fundraiser in which friends are requested to donate money to charity rather than sending cards or presents. The money planned to be spent on hosting a birthday party may be donated to charity projects. 

Create An Online Class

One may also raise money by offering physical classes for baking, playing musical instruments, or dancing through video streaming or using conferencing sites such as Zoom and YouTube. The lessons should be free of charge to attract more viewers, but the main objective to raise money for charity should be communicated. The donation link should be visible throughout the classes to allow viewers to donate willingly.

Popular and Successful Fundraising Ideas of The Past

While fundraising campaigns share the same objectives, how they are conducted to determine their level of success. Educating peers, encouraging monthly recurring gifts, and linking donations with impact have helped events run smoothly, fostered a generation of revenue, and attracted a wide range of supporters.

Local Fundraising Ideas

Walk the Walk was founded in 1996 by 13 women in New York City to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. The event has raised more than $100 million for vital breast cancer research and awareness. Participants attract the attention of donors by wearing semi-nude outfits. 

The US National Park Race Series was an event that raised money for the preservation of national parks. The event aimed at facilitating public awareness on the importance of conserving the ecosystem.

 The blood drive is one of the fundraising ideas that was used by the American Red Cross in collaboration with The Vampire Diaries to raise money during Halloween for health-related issues.

Worldwide Fundraising Ideas

Movember is a global event that has attracted over 5 million participants through the growth of mustaches each November. The event has managed to raise approximately $542 million and has supported more than 1, 200 men-related health projects. 

The Great Gorilla Run is a global event that began in London in which supporters raise money for saving gorillas through wearing gorilla-like outfits for jogging, walking, and crawling on the streets. 

The Global Citizen Festival was an event that was organized to solve the world’s biggest challenges through tweets, phone calls, emails. The event targeted global leaders to alleviate extreme poverty by 2030.

different types of fundraising campaigns

How to Raise Money

To raise money through crowdfunding, peer-to-peer method, and applying for grants, one has to determine the total amount of money required. People often give money to good causes that are clearly defined. To register a successful fundraising activity, campaigners should develop a strategic mechanism for sharing information and getting feedback from supporters.


Crowdfunding harnesses the power of online platforms to give people a reliable means of raising small amounts of money from a large number of people. This method eliminates traditional barriers such as tiring application processes and long waiting periods to receive funds that occur when seeking financial help.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Peer-to-peer fundraising allows individuals to create personal pages for a specified campaign and share the information with friends, family, and community members. Donors may also create online pages to raise money on behalf of an organization to increase contributions and to reach new pools of sponsors.

Fundraising Events

A fundraising event is an occasion that is organized to collect endowments for a project. One may turn specific occasions such as birthday parties, marathon runs, or music concerts into a fundraising event through collecting funds from family and friends.

Grants and Trust Funding

Fundraisers may receive money from statutory sources and grant-making trusts. Trust contributions start with a clear articulation of the need that the applicants are required to meet. Individuals may apply for grants from diverse organizations for projects that align with the donors’ mission.


Donations are gifts for humanitarian aid that may take different forms ranging from services, money, goods, or alms. To gain contributions, fundraisers must convince the donors that they have a strategic plan to use the money appropriately and have incorporated a reliable mechanism to minimize the risk of handouts being used fraudulently.

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