The Best Cheap and Easy Fundraising Ideas Out There

To raise adequate money for personal causes or non-profit organizations, campaigners implement and effectively coordinate a wide range of cheap and easy fundraising ideas. Distinctive fundraising ideas are easy to implement, require minimal capital to execute, and generate high returns. Though the objectives of organizing a fundraising event may vary from raising funds for an immediate need to collecting money for a long-term project, fundraisers opt to implement inexpensive, quick, and easy ideas to attain their monetary goals.

Cheap and Easy Fundraising Ideas for Everyone

Individuals and organizations often require cheap and easy fundraising ideas to raise money for their set objectives. This may range from raising money to launch a long-term campaign to acquiring funds for emergencies.

Small Groups

Charity car wash is excellent, cheap, and easy fundraising ideas for a small group. Fundraisers may choose a specified location, including a parking lot, community place, or offer services from door to door. Fundraising organizers may offer to clean cars for a reasonable charge to attract a huge number of people. The car wash charity is often in great demand in the community and individuals are willing to swap their regular commercial car wash to support a small local group. 

Peer-to-peer fundraising ideas may be employed by recruiting volunteers to create pages on online platforms to seek financial assistance from friends and families. Peer-to-peer fundraising is a flexible, easy, quick, and cheap technique of raising money online in which participants reach out to their networks. Since peer-to-peer fundraising is conducted virtually, volunteers are required to employ a user-friendly interface, quick and safe payments method, effective technical support, and partner with an online fundraising platform. 

Alternatively, fundraisers may plan a bake sale, create a theme for all the products, and set-up a shop in a well-trafficked area.

cheap and easy fundraising ideas for sports teams and colleagues

Sports Teams

Sports teams may design custom apparel and uniforms to raise money and deepen their team’s relationship with the community. For instance, T-shirts with distinctive designs that feature the team’s logo and colors may be sold to their supporters at an affordable price. People value well-designed T-shirts and specifically use them to depict their favorite sports teams.

Fitness classes including yoga, weightlifting, running, and other activities may be organized depending on the team’s sport. Fundraisers may partner with local community centers or gyms to reserve space to conduct their fitness classes. The fitness classes fundraising ideas may be a one-time or part of a multi-week course. Teams may promote their activities by posting flyers and may raise money by charging a registration fee.

Additionally, sports teams may raise funds by creating and selling community discount cards. Since small businesses are willing to get involved in cheap and easy fundraising activities, team players may partner with them as a means of raising funds by attracting a wide range of clients.

For Kids

Organizing sport-themed day camps for kids are easy and cheap fundraising ideas as parents are willing to offer support for any opportunity that helps to keep their kids active. Cost-effective settings such as school facilities or public parks may be used and team members may volunteer as coaches and wranglers. The camps may incorporate a neighborhood cookout party for the grand final tournament to raise more funds.

Individuals may employ athlete shoe drive fundraising ideas as children are constantly outgrowing their shoes. The fundraisers may contact an athletic shoe drive facilitator to conduct a campaign, outline collection time-frame, provide collection bags, and buy the collected worn out and used sport-specific shoes.

Kids may also participate in a balloon raffle in which raffle tickets are placed inside the balloons before they are blown up. Supporters are then required to pay a certain price to pop a balloon to collect the raffle ticket.

cheap and easy fundraising ideas for foods to sell

Inexpensive Foods to Sell

Fundraisers may organize inexpensive dinner events or provide takeout containers to enhance food sales. Food items such as spaghetti which are served with salad and pancakes are inexpensive dish suggestions for fundraising dinners. Cookies and cakes are inexpensive foods often considered for different fundraising ideas and have inspired the sale of pre-made food items such as candy bars and sandwiches. Other easy to make and inexpensive foods for sale during a fundraising event include popcorn, lollipops, bread, and soups.

Cheap and Easy Fundraising Ideas for Work

Raising funds for charity at workplaces helps a firm to make a difference in a community and inspires employees to work as a team. Organizations choose cheap and easy fundraising ideas to attain their set fiscal objectives.

Nonprofit Organizations

Non-profit organizations may raise funds by employing scavenger hunt fundraising ideas. Employees are requested to run all around towns while collecting specified items. Participants are required to pay a registration fee to participate in the hunt. A prize is allocated for individuals who collect the most recyclables.

Workers may outline a list of activities that are restricted at workplaces and set a ban for some time as a form of fundraising ideas. Subsequently, donations are acquired from people that fail to comply with the set restrictions. For example, employees may organize a dress-down day in which individuals that fail to adhere to the strict office dress code are required to pay a certain amount of money.

Moreover, organizations may conduct activity workshops as a form of fundraising ideas. For instance, fundraisers may organize chocolate making workshops for valentine’s day, flower arrangement workshops in spring or a wreath arrangement class for Christmas to attract a wide range of audiences. The money will be raised by incorporating an entry fee for various classes.

Charity Foundations

Charitable organizations may collaborate with diverse forms of business entities and organize a spare change bucket as one of the fundraising ideas. The charity foundation provides branded collection buckets that are placed in offices and business settings for charities. Employers and employees drop spare change into the buckets whenever they walk past the designated points.

Yard sale fundraising may be organized in which used household commodities such as clothes and electronics are collected for sale. Local celebrities may be contacted to offer high-ticket items. Fundraisers may take photographs of the items and post them on social media to increase sales.

Charity foundations may crowd-source entertainment by organizing talent shows which is one of the most effective fundraising ideas. Fundraisers may hold auditions for the show, seek a permit to hold a talent show in a local park, and charge an entry fee for the attendees. Also, funds may be raised by setting up a donation page on diverse social platforms.

Church and Youth Groups

Churches and youth groups may raise funds through creating a dedicated mobile donation page or launching a text-to-give campaign. The use of text tithing allows congregants to give money wherever and whenever they may desire. For instance, in case a congregant is absent for a Sunday sermon, the individual may offer donations via mobile phone.

Youth groups may host charity auctions in which they acquire items and services from local businesses and sell them at an affordable price to congregants. Youth groups may request business entities to donate items such as groceries and household equipment.

Church leaders may organize parent parties that are associated with diverse holidays such as valentine’s day. Money may be raised through selling tickets to parents and ensuring participants pay to engage in different activities. Churches may also organize a race or walk and allow participants to pledge a certain amount of money for each distance walked, ran, or biked.

cheap and easy fundraising ideas for raffles

Cheap and Easy Raffle Ideas

Raffle fundraising is a cheap and easy way to raise money for personal cause or accomplishing organizational-based projects. Individuals may sell tickets and put together a mystery box of goods for individuals with winning numbers.

Cash prize raffles involve offering different cash prizes to winning participants. On the other hand, event organizers may partner with restaurants to offer dinners for winners. Balloon raffle entails placing tickets inside balloons before they are blown up. Supporters are then required to pay a certain price to pop a balloon and collect the raffle ticket. Individuals with the winning raffle tickets are given a prize.

Importance of Cheap and Easy Fundraising Ideas

Organizations and individuals need cheap and easy fundraising ideas to raise money for their long-term projects and to handle emergencies. From general church fundraising events to fundraising for kids’ projects, the main goal is to raise money using inexpensive, quick, and simple techniques that attract the attention of a wide range of people. We at donate-button focus on fundraising ideas that inspire active participation and attainment of donations for your campaign.

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