The Best Peer-To-Peer Fundraising Ideas to Spark Your Creativity

Peer-to-peer fundraisers are a crowdfunding method that raises money to support a charitable cause using your existing supporters’ networks. These fundraising ideas create a direct connection between donors, organizers, and recipients, and the donor can be sure that the whole amount donated is directed to the cause. The concept behind peer-to-peer charities is also relatively straightforward; you set a goal, theme, and timeframe, set up a peer-to-peer fundraising page; your supporters customize the page and start the campaign.

Peer-to-peer Fundraising Ideas for Everyone

These fundraising ideas are open to everyone in your social network who is interested in participating.

Small Groups Fundraising Ideas

Pub Crawl

Pub crawls are an excellent way to get people involved in a peer-to-peer fundraising event. Set a theme for your event, along with a selection of bars. Ask the businesses ahead of time if they are willing to offer a discount to participants as a further incentive. You can raise the money by having participants buy a ticket or merchandise such as wristbands and t-shirts.

Viral Videos

Viral videos are p2p – fundraising ideas you have probably already heard off; after the ice-bucket challenge’s wide-spread fame. Create a challenge in line with the cause you are trying to fund and have participants tag their social networks to participate at a donation amount; or decline for even bigger donation.

“Thon”-style Events

“Thon”-style events are huge virtual events among nonprofits as they aid charitable organizations in generating funds quickly and reaching a broad audience. Typically, they are peer-to-peer pledge events where the participants collect pledges for doing an event. The longer they do the event, the more money they collect. Encourage the members to create their pages well in advance of the event to collect as many pledges as possible.

peer-to-peer fundraising ideas for sports teams and other small groups

Sports Teams Fundraising Ideas

Sports Tournament

A sports tournament is an excellent fundraising idea for a team that a nonprofit organization supports. Get participants to pledge a certain amount of money if the team they support wins. Apart from paying a participation fee, they can also donate a certain amount to be allowed to play a game with the team. If the group is part of a league, invite other teams to make the tournament even bigger.

Races and Marathons

When it comes to fundraising ideas for charities, races are a classic concept. Your participants will love the opportunity to stretch their legs and enjoy a whole day outdoors. Get your sport team members to lead the marathons as your participants try to beat them or match their pace. Participants can get others to participate by sharing a registration link, where others can register for a donation. You can also raise more money by selling branded merchandise such as T-Shirt, wrist bands, and running shorts.

Obstacle Races and Competitive Games

Obstacle races, especially the more rigorous ones, will attract many sports teams and more athletic networks. Set up obstacle races where members from different groups can have a friendly competition. People can make small donations on the participant’s pages to get tickets to participate in various challenges.

Fundraising Ideas for Kids

Craft Fairs

Craft fairs are great fundraising ideas that encourage kids to learn generosity while also having fun by demonstrating their skills. Have them set up booths at school and sell their products while also receiving donations. Allow the kids to take home part of their hard-earned money to motivate them for next time.


Events such as magic shows and talent shows are amazing fundraising ideas for a kids’ group to raise money for a charitable cause. They can invite community members at an admittance fee and ask their parents or their club patron to be judges in the event.

Get The Grade

Apart from raising money, this fundraiser should also motivate the kids to work harder and get better grades. Ask students to sign up at the beginning of the semester to be part of the challenge. Parents, teachers, and friends will then post the challenge on their social media, and a certain amount will be donated for every ‘A,’ ‘B,’ and so forth.

peer-to-peer fundraising ideas at work

Peer-to-peer Fundraising Ideas at Work

Here are some creative fundraising ideas to get your work colleagues investing in your charitable mission.

In The Office Fundraising Ideas

Office Parties

Hosting an office party to fund your campaign over the weekend or a holiday-themed party is a great peer-to-peer fundraiser. Have your workmates charge family and friends for admittance to the party through their donations page. If the party is a success, consider making it an annual or seasonal event.

Galas and Auctions

Plan a classy, black-tie dinner or gala for your next peer-to-peer donations event. Ask members to donate a certain amount to attend. Have an auction at the event where the participants’ auction certain items or gifts for an amount contributed to the charity. You can add more fundraising ideas such as a weekend getaway or a spa-day from a spa owner to spice the event.

Food Ideas at Work

Cook-offs and Bake-offs

Organize for a mini British-bake off or master chef in your kitchen. Open participation to your workmates at a specific price and let them wow the audience with their culinary skills. Involve the audience by having them pay a small amount to vote for their favorite dishes. Any leftovers can also be sold for some extra cash.

Food Day

Ask your office members to each set-up stalls that represent the dishes from their culture. Others will have to pay an amount to get a sample of the food they want. This peer-to-peer fundraising campaign will make sure you all go home with lots of donations and full bellies.

Fast Food Night

Your colleagues already buy tons of fast food for lunch and dinners; why not donate something while at it. Partner with a local fast food restaurant to give a certain percentage to your charity for each purchase.

peer-to-peer fundraising ideas for church and youth groups

Church and Youth Groups Fundraising Ideas

Volunteer Challenge

Ask the church members to volunteer their time in the organization whose cause you are supporting or in the church. Turn the peer-to-peer fundraising into a pledge campaign where the network donates more the longer they volunteer.

Karaoke Night

Your youth group will love the chance to take the stage and pretend to be the next pop-star. Ask participants to donate an amount per song they wish to perform. This peer-to-peer fundraising idea is sure to leave your youth group members breathless with laughter and is a great way to make them come running for your next event.

Break a Sunday Rule

This fundraising idea will fill the congregation with anticipation to show off their inner selves. Congregants can ‘break some rules’ in church for a donation. You will be sure to see some magnificent hats and bomb jackets on the fundraising Sundays.

Why Peer-to-peer Fundraising?

Asking for money, even to support a worthy cause, is never an easy task. With these fundraising ideas, people are more likely to give because they already have an existing relationship with the person asking. All a donor needs to do is click on the site donate button, and they will be led directly to the donation page with no commission. Innovative fundraising ideas, coupled with the right strategy and proper implementation, will significantly differentiate your fundraising event’s success.

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