Charity Donations – How To Donate and Set Up Donations On Twitch

The basis of Twitch is the development of social-video platforms and game culture along with the promotion of creative arts. Despite watching the world’s best video games, the puzzle that many viewers face is how to donate on Twitch. The answer is revealed when individuals receive a request to buy Bits to foster streaming on a full-time basis.  Read on to find out more.

How To Set Up Donations On Twitch

Though Donate-Button, LimePay, and other payment methods that are available. The activation of Bits usually simplifies the process of setting-up donations. A user begins by visiting the website and logging-in using the username and its corresponding password. 

Secondly, the individual clicks on the username icon on the top-right side of the screen. Thus causing a drop-down menu to appear. The user should select partner settings that appear on the dashboard.

Thirdly, select the cheers option to access Twitch’s first-party digital currency. Finally, the user should click on the “Enable cheering with bits”. Thereby allowing viewers to donate Bits to a specified channel. Also by, enabling cheering elicits a special visual alert through on-screen and audio outputs.

In brief, enabling Bits permits viewership on a continuous or full-time basis by donating to a particular broadcaster.

donate with twitch bits

What Are Twitch Bits?

Bits are the currency used in the platform to cheer. The latter involves a chat message that utilizes Bits to support partners and affiliates. Viewers can buy 100 Bits for $1.40 to enjoy their favorite broadcasters. Currently, the site only accepts payments via PayPal and Amazon.

American members can gain Bits for performing different activities on the platform. Such as watching a 30-second interactive ad.

In brief, Twitch Bits are the virtual products that viewers buy for cheering purposes.

Other Accepted Payment Methods

Payment to broadcasters is via a connection to Streamlabs or using other methods such as LimePay, Donate-Button, and PayPal.


The flexibility of recurring payments fashions Donate-Button as a popular payment method. The payment site allows a donor to register an account and manage payment plans by pausing, resuming, or cancelling payments.


A viewer may donate directly by using the email address associated with the broadcaster’s PayPal account. The guarantee of credit card security, full-time accessibility of a structured complaint-resolution process. Along with low-cost money-transfer services, makes PayPal a popular option for paying broadcasters.


Another simple and straightforward way to go about it is by creating a Payme link through Limepay. Signing up is free and allows you to accept over 100 different currencies. It is the payment method of choice for many streamers.

The Top 5 Ways to Get Donations on Twitch

There are various ways to boost your donation chances, so let us take a look now at some of them:

Setting Goals

Revealing one’s goals on the platform inspires viewers to donate to a specific broadcaster. And to build trust and earn viewers’ confidence, the company users should disclose their key objectives. For instance, one may state an intention to buy new video games or a laptop. Also, by having specific goals and communicating them to the audience inspires people to donate on the platform.

get alerted twitch notifications

Alert Notifications

Adding alert notifications on the online account is a good idea. Due to it allowing viewers to acknowledge fresh donations and recognize streamers’ responses. Also, creating a list of donors on the profile page helps broadcasters to gain a greater audience.


Creatively incorporating the design titles entices viewers to donate frequently to a stream. Indeed, repeated payments happen if viewers receive high-quality and exciting content. Streamers may increase their interaction with the audience by eliciting polarizing conversations. Such as politics or video games.

Appreciating Donors

Contributors are inspired to offer extra funds if their efforts are publicly acknowledged. To accomplish this goal, streamers may publish messages to recognize the donors’.  And show appreciation for their efforts, time, and financial contributions. Also, creating a personal connection which may increase loyalty. Along with their further commitment to the fundraising activities.

Financial Progress

Publicizing financial achievements reassures the donors that their contributions are well-managed and used as intended. For instance, streamers may buy new equipment and enhance game features. So, ensuring that viewers feel involved and showing the appropriate use of donations.

Charity Fundraisers on Twitch

The organization accepts extensions supporting charitable courses on the most viewed broadcasters’ streams. Tiltify partnered with the company in 2019 to build a panel extension. Thus, allowing broadcasters to set-up a drive for noble causes and track donations. The fundraiser has been in operation since 2014 and has more than 500 charities in 7 countries.

The Tiltify’s charities incorporate broadcaster rewards, probable drawbacks, and polls. Thus creating awareness and increase support from viewers during fundraising events. Tiltify has embarked on a project to raise funds for St Jude Play Live and to end child poverty. In the last half-decade, the fundraiser raised more than $10 million for the St. Jude Play Live program. Which attracts thousands of gamers to play their favorite video games on the platform. Viewers can donate and support St. Jude as they watch their preferred broadcasters. Tiltify’s core mandate is to enable broadcasters to maximize their charity fundraising efforts.

Interesting Bits About Twitch

Now time for some interesting facts and figures:

When was Twitch founded?

Considered as a spin-off of, Twitch is a video streaming platform currently managed by a subsidiary of Amazon. The company was developed on June 6, 2011, and its headquarters are in San Francisco. It focuses on broadcasts of e-sports competitions, music, creative content, and real-life broadcasts. 

How many users does Twitch have?

The online platform is the fourth largest source of peak-internet traffic in the United States. Registering more than 45 million viewers by February 2014. 

In 2018, the online site had more than 27,000 partner channels. Currently, the organization houses over 2.4 million broadcasters and attracts over 15 million daily users.


Amazon acquired the online service for $970 million. Allowing them to integrate its synergies and subscription service. Also, the website has other key investors such as Thrive Capital, Draper Associates, and Bessemer Venture Partners. For instance, the raising of more than $20 million on the platform for in 2012.

Biggest Donation Ever Made on Twitch

The Sodapoppin donation of $57,000 by Amhai is the largest contribution ever made on the platform. The donation was influenced by Sodapoppin’s comedic gaming style and buoyant attitude. 

The Twitch App

To use different features of the platform, users need to install the application. The application is supported by iOS 11.4 and is compatible with iPod touch, iPad, and Apple television. Also, it is available for Android devices fro the Google Play Store.

People of different ethnicity may donate on the App as information is available in multiple languages. Such as Greek, Italian, Swedish, Korean, Dutch, and Japanese to name just a few. 

The application allows users to:

  • Watch live videos of their favorite games
  • Connect with other gamers in real-time
  • Discover new content
  • Go live to share one’s passion with the world.
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Why Should You Set Up Twitch Donations?

Twitch is an interesting platform for individuals with immutable love for video games. It focuses on streaming live videos, advertising products and developing a community for fans. Along with disseminating gaming news. The platform consists of user-friendly options for broadcasters and viewers. Including diverse content and broadcasting software for users. Thereby making it ideal for charitable activities and receiving donations.

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